Besnijdenis Centrum Utrecht

Besnijdenis Centrum Utrecht was founded in 2002 by general practitioner Lex Klein and surgeon Roderick Schmitz. Since 2005, the clinic is located in Gezondheidscentrum Lombok. Since its foundation, more than 10.000 men and boys have been circumcised here with great care and medical responsibility.

Sign up and information:
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To sign up by phone: 085-4871506

E-mail info@besnijdeniscentrum.nl

To reschedule your appointment or receive more detailed information, please call on Tuesdays or Fridays between 9AM-1PM.

J.P. Coenhof 200
3531 HX Utrecht


Available dates

  • zaterdag 1 juni 2024
  • zaterdag 22 juni 2024
  • zaterdag 13 juli 2024
  • zaterdag 3 augustus 2024
  • zaterdag 24 augustus 2024