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27 november 2022

Onze 2 puberzoons van 15 en 13 zijn afgelopen weekend zeer vakkundig besneden. Aangezien het voor hun een hele spannende ingreep was nam de dokter hun angst goed weg. Fijn dat we erbij mochten zijn. Ik hoop in de toekomst de andere 2 ook nog te laten besnijden


Güzel ilgi ve tedavi(Goede zorg en behandeling)

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24 november 2022

6 ya??ndaki o?lumun sünnetinden memnun kald?k.
Dr. Erik Robberse çok profesyonel ve ilgili bir doktor.
Te?ekkür ederiz.
(We waren tevreden over de besnijdenis van mijn zoontje van 6 jaar. Dr.Erik Robberse is een zeer professionele en betrokken arts.
Wij danken u.)

Ozlem Kaptein

The best circumcision center ever

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24 november 2022

I waited till my son was about three months before I eventually booked his circumcision’s appointment because I was scared of how painful the procedure would be, however to my surprise it was the easiest procedure ever.
The center had sent us a letter by post with details of how we were to prepare him for the procedure, a summarized details of what the procedure entails and a consent form.
On the D-day, we got to the place which turned out to be a really nice cozy center; plus the receptionist was a really nice lady; this instantly allayed some of my anxiety.
We waited our turn which was a very short time ‘cos we had an appointment.
Alas, it was our turn and my heart almost jumped out of my chest out of anxiety(I was scared for my boy), we met with Dr. Eric who then while explained the whole procedure and even tried to allay my fears.
He was skillful and very kind.
He also healed very well, not a day did he have a raised temperature (Thankfully, I was worried for no reason).
The center also called us weeks later to check on his progress.
It was a very pleasant experience and I can say the same for a friend whom I recommended to their place.



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24 november 2022

Prima ik ben zeer tevreden


Super tevreden

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14 november 2022

Fijne ervaring met het besnijdenis centrum in Amsterdam.
Goede dokters en ik zal het iedereen aanbevelen =)